June 21, 2016

Employee Compensation: How the Pros Do It


Compensation should be more than a strategy, it should be a shared philosophy where every member of an organization is considered. Whether you’re an executive, an HR compensation decision-maker, or a one-man HR department, one thing is for sure. Well, actually three. Here they are…

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June 14, 2016

How Coaching Makes You a Better Leader


The ability to develop leaders is one of the key aspects of a company’s growth. For some, it’s their entire growth process. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a prime example of this as they only promote from within. In their business development, if their training and coaching fails, so does the entire company. Raising up and developing more leaders is a key aspect to Enterprise’s business model but they shouldn’t be the only company to do so. Here are three reasons why coaching should be a priority in every organization.

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June 7, 2016

4 Reasons to Invest More in Performance Management This Year


Just because companies are doing away with traditional performance management doesn’t mean they should be cutting back on budget or reallocating spend to somewhere else. In fact, they should be investing even more into performance management. Whether you opt for an annual or monthly review process or are ready to invest in an innovative performance management system for a more fluid feedback model, there’s no denying performance management can be ignored. Take a look at these 4 undeniable reasons to invest more into performance management this year, even if you’re getting rid of your standard system. 

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May 24, 2016

Highlights from Our New Book Release: Performance Management For Dummies


A one-and-done annual performance appraisal. Sound fun? Modern day performance management is being reinvented into a process that is more meaningful and rewarding to everyone. Managers are transitioning from judges to mentors while employees are actively engaging with the company and taking control of their careers. 

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May 17, 2016

Cold, Hard Performance Management Facts You Need to Know Now


Performance management is a pretty heavy phrase in business and it raises plenty of questions for even the most savvy of managers. The drawback? The best solution for your organization’s performance management strategy relies mostly on the culture of your people. It has to account for your company values, the overarching business mission and use the right motivators for your unique workforce. That means that we can offer advice every day (we plan to) and still only scratch the surface of needs for your people (until you sign up for the Reviewsnap performance management software, that is).

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May 10, 2016

Are You A Performance Management Genius? [Quiz]

Employee performance management encapsulates many small pieces that add up big time. Everything from 360 degree feedback, performance reviews, benefits and all the things in between are lumped into the performance management strategy of today’s businesses. Thankfully, companies are grasping just how important it is to be proactive in managing the engagement and development of their people, but is the approach on track? More importantly, are you a performance management dummy or genius?

May 5, 2016

Reviewsnap Launching Performance Management For Dummies Book Available for Complimentary Download


For Dummies Book Series Partners with Reviewsnap, Leading Performance Management Solution Provider


Reviewsnap, an all-in-one online performance management software company, partnered with the popular For Dummies book series to bring performance management best practices to bookshelves and desktops.

Performance Management For Dummies was released on April 28, 2016 and a digital version is available for download. Physical books will be handed out at the SHRM National Conference in Washington D.C. this June, where Reviewsnap will be exhibiting.

Performance Management For Dummies is a resource for managers and leaders of all business fields and sizes. “We thought long and hard about how to write this book and make it useful for people who are looking for information about Performance Management. We believe we struck a great balance; this book is useful, informative and educational,” says Chris Arringdale, Co-Founder and President of Reviewsnap.

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The book covers the fundamentals of managing performance and enables readers to come to a decision on which performance processes are best for their organization. Reviewsnap’s ‘For Dummies’ book explains how to create a culture of performance management, implement and automate performance methods into daily work and highlights the benefits of automating performance for even inexperienced managers and HR professionals.

“This book is a great resource for people with different levels of performance management knowledge. You can learn anything from the basics to the trends we’re seeing in the evolution of performance management,” says Arringdale, “Performance Management is an evolving science and our new book, Performance Management For Dummies has been written to educate, inform and highlight current trends and changes.”

Get more details or download a complimentary, digital copy of Performance Management For Dummies here.

About Reviewsnap: Reviewsnap is a complete, fully automated, self-service performance management system that offers user-friendly, reliable and affordable on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help companies align goals, enhance communication, increase engagement, and save time and money. Simply put, their mission is to help organizations and people succeed.

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May 3, 2016

5 Bad Reactions Employees Have When You Give Crappy Feedback


One of the most challenging aspects of being a manager is effectively communicating with employees, especially performance feedback. If you’re a manager, the gifs below may seem like familiar reactions you’ve gotten from employees at one point or another in your career. If not, you’re either extremely good at what you do or perhaps a tad oblivious to the common blunders associated with being the leader. It’s time to improve how you deliver performance feedback. Check out these performance management mishaps and how you can improve them! 

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April 19, 2016

Top Managerial Mistakes That Explode in Your Face


Gallup research reports, 82% of the time, employers hire the wrong person to manage and only one in ten people have the natural talent to manage…Yikes! The negative impact unsuitable managers impose on organizations has the potential to tarnish nearly every stage of the talent lifecycle, causing a ripple effect of damage on a company’s workforce.

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