performance reviews
December 29, 2016

7 Game Changing Moves to Score Big on Performance Reviews

performance reviews

Are you winning employee performance management in your organization? Within the past decade, HR departments have realized the importance and effectiveness of feedback; In fact, companies who implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than companies where employees receive no feedback. Simple tactics and strategies can turn your company’s performance management loss into a victory. Use these 7 moves below to score big on performance management. 

Begin with a strong performance plan & schedule

Reviews are best when not done on a whim. Careful and focused preparation should be taken seriously before any review is carried out. Schedule enough time for the performance review meeting with employees to be able to take the necessary time to commit thoughtful reflection. Build reviews into the calendar more frequently to ensure your employees are hearing more from you, more often.

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Link company objectives with employee goals

Reviews should hit home in a major area: goals. Where is the employee headed and how far have they come? Bring up the employee’s last performance review to see what checkmarks have been hit and what may need to be restructured. 32% of all employees want to see and understand the progress they’ve made toward goals set by their manager.

Tweet This: 32% of all employees want to see and understand the progress they’ve made. Read how to lead goals:

Learn how to keep track of organizational goals with performance management

Keep a performance log for each employee

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, right? Keep records of all reviews. Whether you use a performance software system, a voice recorder, or the traditional notepad and paper, keeping records of the reviews creates a history, and timeline, of your employees’ performance. Refer back to your notes during your planning period to stay on track.

Make employee reviews fair and objective

Stick to the facts. Only 64% of employed adults feel their organization treats them fairly. By using the same system or questions for each employee, there is a better chance for homogeneity across the board. Using the same ratings to measure each employee will give consistency across the board, and reduce chance of subjective error.

Tweet This: 64% of employees feel they’re not being treated fairly. How to improve as a leader:

Improve performance with targeted development

Employees use reviews to not only look at the past, but towards the future too. “Are there avenues for advancement I could pursue?” and “How can I grow?” become common themes. 48% of employees say that their company’s performance processes are weak in improving development. Reviews aren’t just about how your team has performed over a period of time, they’re also about growth, potential, and continuous improvement. Offer activities or learning tools to assist with development.

Build a culture that values feedback

Construct, and maintain, a feedback-rich culture by giving feedback often. Reviews and performance communication between managers and employees should be seen as an everyday concept at your organization. Not a once-in-a-blue-moon special event.

“A crucial step in building a truly unique feedback culture is to accept feedback yourself. Whether you are the CEO of a small company reading this, or an HR manager hoping to whip his team into shape or a VP of accounting who wants more joy in her department…you need to learn to accept feedback.” @marenhogan CEO, Red Branch Media

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Evaluate reviews

Collect your thoughts at the end of each meeting to draw conclusions and assess feelings. How did the review go? Was it productive for both you and the reviewed? Were there any red flags? Did you find out something you didn’t know before? Was there something you wish you could change for next time? Record and evaluate each review for continual accountability.

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